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Death of Entrepreneurship

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Dhirubhai Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. Must be wondering what are these czars in the field of power, social networking, computer, investment if I get it right doing in my blog? What is the one common thing in all of these honchos? Still thinking, if you would have paid little attention on the title of this blog, you would answer it in a second. The similarity in all these big leaders is ENTREPRENEUR-a zeal to change the world, an enthusiasm to fight against every odds that will appear in their way, a positive set of mind, a die-to-win attitude, an innovation thinking to travel across the path less traveled, a calm and patience human being inside ready to handle enough risk that will come across the way.

Let me Grow and be a free bird

We agree that not all are born with silver spoon, all are born with pea-sized brain which if they exercise in right direction and with above mentioned entities can bring the winds of change. But-is one of the most diplomatic conjunction widely used in English which change the entire picture of the statement that you are going to say or write or read. But don’t we agree with the truth that besides all that excellence factors mentioned above, there is one super most important thing that a budding entrepreneur need at the time of sailing a boat against the rising waves and strong wind? Must be wondering, what is that reason which I missed out in the list? Well to cut it short, and enough of creating curiosity and straining your brain cells, let me say what is the missing factor which I am emphasizing on? It is the positive support of  your family, your family who is the base of foundation of any thing which you start in your life.

Here arises the biggest question of millennium, well you don’t have “50-50” or “phone a friend” life line since we are not in KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati), the question is what is the reason that causes a death of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? I don’t want you to stress your brain on thinking what is that biggest cause, let it be relaxed so that you can use in some other cause, you know conservation of thinking energy, see that is the height of innovation I can reach up to, finding some useless jargon like conservation of thinking energy, because we have always heard about conservation of energy, to make it sound innovative and some thing different I added thinking in between of and energy. What an idea, sirji?

The biggest cause that kills the entrepreneurship is your family. Must be thinking, am I scumbag who just mentioned earlier family is the pillar, yeah I mentioned that but this is the same family who stands like a Mount Everest on the highway which is less traveled. It is your own family who will compel you to drop an idea and continue with what he or she is doing now. It is your own sweet family who will taste bitter. It is your own family who will  demotivate, discourage, fear and in one word torture you so that you will finally say ” I give up” and raise your hands off from the thing that would have given you immense pleasure, satisfaction to the core and lately made you the one growing entrepreneur. I believe we all have that entrepreneurship hidden inside, it’s just we do not let them come out in the fear that your family won’t/can’t support. Every-time it is not you who kills entrepreneurship inside you, it is your family, the society you exist upon and the surrounding you breathe in. All said and done, I am not anti-family person or I am against my family or your family, it is some thing my experience I am sharing here.

How many entrepreneurs get that opportunity to explore the less explored path, how many have that courage to bear the risk of losing a business,  how many rising entrepreneurs are blessed enough to propel their brain in the right direction, how many of them get that moral support from your family when you are in the road paved with thorns? Counting your fingers, how many is your answer? My answer will be 10 out of 100. That is the rough number I can think of, please correct me if the figure is low than what I mentioned.

To make this story interesting, I am adding a small tale of how entrepreneur die in our country before birth? Recently I met one uncle of my friend, who as per my knowledge wants to stand in the league of entrepreneurs but was unable due to some reason. I exactly don’t know what others hurdles are bothering him or stopping him to race in the contest of entrepreneurship but some how I knew that his family is one who is pushing him back and advising him to be happy and let them be happy by staying at home-sweet-home. That uncle of mine friend had that charm and positive vibes in his face when he roughly explained to my friend about his plans which really impressed me a lot. Every time he spoke about his ventures, it gives him that pleasure which was self-explanatory by his face. He was full of ideas and he had gather enough information and his way of thinking was different from that of a average person who has given up hope of being a Mark Zuckerberg? Now don’t you dare ask me, who is this fellow whose name I have mentioned twice? Please spare me if you don’t know who this lad is?

I am not disclosing what entrepreneur uncle of mine friend was planning to do in upcoming days, because it is too confidential and it is not a very good idea to publish some one’s hard work for the sake of your name and fame, which is next skill of entrepreneurship I guess which most entrepreneurs do very clean handily, you won’t even notice when they will use your name and fame for their sake which is fair enough till the time you are contributing for your nation, your society and your family but at the same time entrepreneurs will never forget to mention thanks for using your name and fame and pay you back when the right time comes, oh my god I never thought that by the time I am done with this article I will be embedded with the entrepreneurship inside me. Okay enough I non-sensed about myself. With a hope that your family stands next to you if you are thinking of traveling highway to hell, with a positive note and my blessings to uncle of mine friend, I am ending this article in a very positive and popular note “JAI HO ENTREPRENEURSHIP“!!!!!!!!!