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The Sock Washer Maid

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The Sock Washer Maid

It’s quarter to eight in my Q&Q watch, typical ting-tong sound of door bell falls in my ear, waking me and my room mate up from pleasant early morning sleep. With a I-don’t-want-to-wake-up-feeling, me or my flat mate opened the door with a grin in face to our maid.


After an annoying sound of ting-tong, it’s time to another irritating sound of tap water filling the bucket, that too in the wee hours when you are in dreamland dreaming about your princess.

She started her daily routine in a regular tone, filling the bucket, pouring Ariel/Surf Excel powders, stirring it to produce soap fizz, searching for our not-so-clean clothes from the laundry bags, dumping it inside the bucket.

Then she hold her magic broom stick, like Harry Potter doing it in celluloid, wipes the floor in couple of minutes, then start mopping the floor that too in another couple of minutes.

Never saw any maid, who is justifying her duty to the core for what is being paid. Every time we paid her, we feel we are under paying her, no hard feelings against her integrity, self respect, because in my entire life, I have encounter very few people who enjoy their work to the fullest. I guess that is the art of living.

She never complains against her work, I guess she understood it clearly its her job, that is what she is salaried.

She washes everything that comes her way if that thing is washable with out your permission. I don’t know how fair enough is to wash socks every day, but our maid is super hygienic and equally understands that your foot should be clean and non-sticky. Because she might feel that we have to cover a long journey ahead, so she prefer our foot to keep it clean, hygienic so that we can cover extra miles. She washes all the pair of socks available inside our shoes, that too daily, I know that is unfair for socks,since that shortens its life. But it is fair enough, because our feet will always remain shining and protected by detergent smelling socks.

Thanks to our Sock Washer Maid…With so many questions about who is she, what is her name, where does she come from, how she manage to be punctual every day despite of rain, sun or any other hurdles?

I would like to end this post with a honest wish for her and her family’s prosperity…I wish she could read my post on her and comment on it, may be in the next birth, that is what our mythology says.