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So many questions, sense of nervousness, fear of losing in the middle of mammoth population but nothing changed the determination of small town girl. Either that was the dedication of her towards her profession which energized her or will power inside her that pushes her to the frontier or may be the young lady is in the search of her true love in this concrete jungle. Whatever be the reason, who ever be her prince charming, I really felt the urge of saluting her never-say-no attitude, her every attempt I-am-no-less than anybody. Hats of to you and burning zeal inside you.

Despite of every odds, lady reached her office before time. That ends her fear of not reaching on time. She found the answer of her another question, because her seniors are amicable. She even came to know the best possible means of convenience to reach her workplace, which means she neither has to remember the color of the bus nor recall the number of the bus.

Finally it was D-day of small town girl, which she ended up in a high note, may be highest note would be better.

But still she still has one biggest question in her mind, will she be able to find the love of her life? What is next??




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Early morning, when the breeze around you is fresh, sun is spreading its wing to lighten up the city that never sleeps”Mumbai”, wakes up a small town girl, with anxiety inside her mind, butterflies in stomach. You must be wondering, why she is anxious, full of nervousness? Mumbai-the city that never sleeps, a hustle bustle, every one in the crowd wants to be the first, first to get in the bus, first to board the train, first to reach his/her office, first to grab the vada-pav, first in every race. This lady who does not have that urge of being the winner, because she landed from a city-that-sleeps to this city-never-sleeps, in the search of a true love, supportive partner and a blessed life. Beyond these things what she had come for, the lady has to survive in the city of Vada-Pav, where except vada-pav, things are available at sky rocketing price. Dressed up in a red traditional dress (Patiala), what a combination, fresh air, chirping of birds, lady in a red Patiala salwar suit, isn’t it the perfect morning bliss that every one is looking for? May be that is bliss for every other morning walkers who saw her on the street, but who knows what is going inside her mind? I can easily recognize by looking at her pale face, there are hundred of questions juggling out inside her pea-sized brain, what is the number of bus, will it drop me on time, how far will it drop me from my office, what if I lost my way and report late to my bread-and-butter provider’s place(office), how will be my boss, will he/she be grumbling/snappish/kind enough to listen my words and many more.