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Who knows what is their in your store? Tomorrow never comes, time passes by like a wind. Thus, this section is dedicated to all rebellions(age no bar, caste no bar, skin no bar, language no bar, sex no bar) who prefer to live at the present and who believe that music is air, music is love and music is peace.

Listen Before You Die-Bands

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Tomorrow Never Comes

No hard feelings, no partiality, no extra edge. This is my personal attempt to sort out some of the bands that you must and must listen before you wave the last good bye to the world.You put across your list, you voice out your thoughts. Your voices will be like a guiding star for this post. As we all know, music has no boundary, no sky, no creed. Music is holy pure, music is some thing that connects you to the sacred souls, music is some thing that builds the bridge, music is some thing that one cannot live with out.


Here goes my list of the bands you can’t afford to miss out.

  1. Beatles
  2. Guns N Roses
  3. Metallica
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. AC/DC
  6. Pink Floyd
  7. Bon Jovi
  8. Eagles
  9. Queen
  10. Coldplay

Listen Before You Die

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“Stairway to Heaven”, “Highway to Hell”, “With Arms Wide Open”, Hotel California”, “Sweet Child O Mine”, “One”.I am pretty sure you must be thinking what a masterpiece songs.These tracks are phenomenal on their own, carry their own identification and has been an anthem for the band who sang this song, beyond that when you hear it took you to the next level-the different height of nirvana.

I listen every song that comes in my way, be it Rock n Roll, be it Pop, be it Alternative Rock, be it Heavy Metal(take it easy this genre of music is injurious to ear, this might cause you partial deafness), be it Blues, be Reggae, be it Country. There are many more genre in the list, but I do not know on what basis people draw a line-of-border for the music. Music is holy music, how can it be a rock n roll, at the same time be an alternative rock, heavy metal, death metal, independent rock and so on. We human beings for the sake of our convenience categorize everything, be it music, be it creed, be it caste. We are the real pundit, the pundit who will name you according to your outlook.

If you play it loud enough to break your ear drum it is called-Heavy Metal

If you croon faster than what a listener can understand then it is called-Hip Hop

If you use electronic instrument then it is called-Trance/Electronica


The Love, The Peace, The Music

Music is Love, Music is Peace, Music is Air

Anyway whatever be the category, the outcome is music, I guess that matters most to me and other mammoth population who believe that music can change the perception, music can bring the winds of change, it has the power to spread the love and it is the carrier of peace.


I need your massive support to sort down the list. Your opinion matters, please voice out, I will ear it and take it as a sweet-note-of-yours. Under this post, I am working upon the artiste, bands, songs, riffs and many more things related to music. I will be posting the music that you must and must listen before you say adieu to this world, so tomorrow if you are in heaven or hell you should not regret about these transcendental songs.

Let the music play should be your mantra, I am full stopping this post with a note “Please Don’t Stop The Music”.

Rock n Roll, Love n Peace!!!!