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This section is dedicated to the one who prefer to croon and rock n roll same time. Music has no boundary, no religion, no caste, no language, it is a holy blissful act that takes you to nirvana.

Listen Before You Die

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“Stairway to Heaven”, “Highway to Hell”, “With Arms Wide Open”, Hotel California”, “Sweet Child O Mine”, “One”.I am pretty sure you must be thinking what a masterpiece songs.These tracks are phenomenal on their own, carry their own identification and has been an anthem for the band who sang this song, beyond that when you hear it took you to the next level-the different height of nirvana.

I listen every song that comes in my way, be it Rock n Roll, be it Pop, be it Alternative Rock, be it Heavy Metal(take it easy this genre of music is injurious to ear, this might cause you partial deafness), be it Blues, be Reggae, be it Country. There are many more genre in the list, but I do not know on what basis people draw a line-of-border for the music. Music is holy music, how can it be a rock n roll, at the same time be an alternative rock, heavy metal, death metal, independent rock and so on. We human beings for the sake of our convenience categorize everything, be it music, be it creed, be it caste. We are the real pundit, the pundit who will name you according to your outlook.

If you play it loud enough to break your ear drum it is called-Heavy Metal

If you croon faster than what a listener can understand then it is called-Hip Hop

If you use electronic instrument then it is called-Trance/Electronica


The Love, The Peace, The Music

Music is Love, Music is Peace, Music is Air

Anyway whatever be the category, the outcome is music, I guess that matters most to me and other mammoth population who believe that music can change the perception, music can bring the winds of change, it has the power to spread the love and it is the carrier of peace.


I need your massive support to sort down the list. Your opinion matters, please voice out, I will ear it and take it as a sweet-note-of-yours. Under this post, I am working upon the artiste, bands, songs, riffs and many more things related to music. I will be posting the music that you must and must listen before you say adieu to this world, so tomorrow if you are in heaven or hell you should not regret about these transcendental songs.

Let the music play should be your mantra, I am full stopping this post with a note “Please Don’t Stop The Music”.

Rock n Roll, Love n Peace!!!!





Independence Rock-Be a Simple Man

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The cloud was clear, Sun was getting older for the day after warming up Mumbai, even in the month of December when you are not lucky enough to see the rays of hope from Sun, there was a music aura in the air nearby Andheri Fun Republic, Chitrakoot ground, I don’t know about the air in rest corner of the Mumbai, and I am not in mood to know as well since I do not work in Weather Department.

With a go-no-go decision, finally the D-Day had arrived for Independence Rock which was celebrating its 25th anniversary but that too in a sad note I must say. 25th years of music, its a big achievement but not that big if any such things are from South Asia. Individually it was an app-laudable job that Farhad Wadia-the organizer of this mega event had done 25 years back. My bunch of holy thanks goes to this big guy, I must say huge guy if you have seen him in real and to all rockstars who have been participating in this holy show and making the ball rolling and last but not the least all rock fans who are standing in a long queue in black gothic tees on a white sunny day, despite of several weather hurdles and knowing the fact that black is good absorbent of heat, to cheer up their local music idols.

I-Rock Being a Simple Man

5th December, 2010-with a lot of enthusiasms, high spirit like a true music patriot I too participated in a long queue of black tees wearing teenagers outside the Chitrakoot Ground, this place is in Mumbai itself, did you notice the Hinglish name of the place? You think of any English bands in the world, Metallica, Guns N Roses, LP, Led Zepplin, Lamb of God, and so on, all were present in the chest of these young guns.

Huge, monstrous JBL speakers were in get-set-go mood, halogens were ready to spark their lights, stage was decked up and welcoming all the independent music bands, Bhayanak Maut-upcoming name in the death metal genre were doing some practice session, there was music in the air-it was a helluva experience for a noob like me because never been luckiest enough to born in US or any European countries where concert like this is bread-and-butter thing. Being an Asian fellow, I do feel proudest on what I was going to experience today.

Finally the huge, tall guy in a typical red and color Ferrari tee gave the green signal, announcing Bhayanak Maut to be the start-up band for the day. Speakers were at its highest volume, amplifiers were in sync to carry the sound waves to another planet next to the Earth, headbangers were about to start with mos fade throwing devil horns in the air.

Music has no genre, no boundaries, it is we people who have categorized into various sub types for our convenience. Even though I was not a huge heavy metal fan, but it was a relieving and soothing experience in its own way. It was a complete stress buster and super duper Sunday doze for me and I believe for rest of the crowds who were circling their heads as if they had some devi’s attack as per Hindu mythology.

After Bhayank Maut, there comes Pralay-I personally didn’t like it, even though they tried their best-no hard feelings for their fans. Then came Scribe-the one band which I would like to follow up in the future, especially the vocalist was quite good in leading the young crowd. The best came when he dialogued few lines from Tridev-one of the blockbuster in Bollywood town. Then came Demonic Resurrection, don’t know what does that mean, but these guys are really good with their guitar, next band that I would like to keep an eye on. Then their came, Axe Tortion with the best guitarist in the town, I must say. Never heard of those guys but they were like Indian version of Jimi Hendrix or Slash-may be I am overrating them, but they really riff best with the strings.

Then there was another band which I don’t remember name, which were followed by Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa and Farhad Wadia. It was blissful and perfect ear therapy to listen Be a Simple Kind of Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The lyrics itself is such a meaningful and song is one of my fav track. Guys if you haven’t listen, go straight away and download it, buy it, borrow it but listen must.Few lines from the song “Simple Man”. Check it out:-

“Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold
All that you need is in your soul
And you can do this, oh baby, if you try
All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied”

Finally it was big day for the band, the band which has reunited after a hiatus. I have never heard the name of the band before which I really regret, but with a promise that I will update info about this band-very true, very aspiring, very different Indian Rock band-Indus Creed. Uday Benegal-the vocalist-he is a gem and croons really well, one of the front runner vocalist in the rock world.

Never imagined, I-the laziest creature in this world would stand for 6 hours one day, but I did. I did that for myself, I did that for the music that I always love to listen, I did that for the Independence Rock-with a hope that next year sponsors shed their wealth so that Farhad Wadia can organize the gig on time.

Biggest thanks to Farhan Wadia, Bigger thanks to all musicians who really played well and made me stand for those long hours and big thanks to the young crowd.

Cheers Independence Rock!!!! Long Live Independence Rock!!!!!!!! Love and Peace Independence Rock!!! Jai Ho Independence Rock!!!!!!!!!