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Prayash Chhetri

Prayash Chhetri-A recession experienced engineer, from University of Rajasthan-the land where Rajas(kings) take their sthan(throne).Born and brought up in Nepal-the holy land ruled by unholy people. Educated in two different countries-an extra point to add in my resume, this will add the questionnaire for an interviewer. In Nepal, I ended up learning how to make stylish signature(mean graduated till SLC-now you must be googling out what is SLC?) to make it short and simple, SLC is an alias for your tenth standard. In India, I continued learning how to make my signature look like I-am-an-educated-person.

Rest my hobbies are day and night dreaming, which is the only thing left in the world that brings smile in my face and gives me immense satisfaction. That is what hobby is called that too I learnt in India.

So far, I am working with one of the biggest IT firm in India. I would rather prefer to make it anonymous. Because if I tag the name of the firm I am working, I am sure your mouth will gasp with holy garland of beautiful words-another luckiest SOBM( I don’t know why you people are so less informed about the ACRONYMS, now don’t say that you haven’t heard SOB, you must be joking. Anyway I am here not to discuss what you have heard or haven’t, sorry this is another thing I have learnt diverting from the main topic, SOBM stands for “Son Of Beautiful Mother”.

This is all about me. Sorry I forgot to mention one IMP topic..I am 5’8″ vertically and so far I haven’t measured horizontally:)


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