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Every-time I cross by temple, church, mosque or any shrine place, I bow down my head to say “God, please protect me”. Very rarely it happened, wherein I wished for my parents. In few cases, I folded my hands in-front of divine power and pray for the longevity of my parents. I always wanted for myself, for a handsome package in the next company, for super-duper appraisal in my job, for the best job offer in the market, for best lady who will stand next to me. Every praying revolved around me and only me.

Every time I forgot it is my parents who brought me into this me-and-my-world,  every moment I was about to fall they were the one who were behind me watching like a savior and ensuring I am walking confidently in this junglee. They always tried their best so that I can have the best in my life, they always satisfied themselves with the worst, thinking that I will get the super best.

It was my mom who woke up at the middle of night just to check if I am having a tight sleep, it was my dad who woke me up on time so that I do not miss my first lecture, it was him who make sure my wallet has enough money so that I can spend it with an attitude my-dad-is-an-ATM.


God is Parent, Parent is God

Numerous times, without any hopes of return they continuously kept on showering the love, the care, the protect, the knowledge. Every time I failed an exam, they say no matter better try next time. Every time I bang my bike, they repaired it and advised to slow down an accelerator. Every time I came home late, they say it would be nice if we all could have dinner together.


I don’t know, whether god exists in this world or not and don’t want to debate. It took me 2 decades to realize that god exists, and that too at my home only.It’s just I keep on ignoring their presence, because we all are so surrounded by our own longings and wish-list that we always bow down our head in-front of those stone idols but we hardly prefer to do the same in-front of our living idols-our parents.

Now, every time I knee down, I do remember my parents and millions of other gods who according to our mythology existed once upon a time in this selfish world.

But I am still wondering, why shall we have to stereotype God as a mother and father, why can’t it be simple Godparents in a single word? After all god is the one who keeps on showering the rain of love, wealth and protection to the needy people.I guess may be the one who invented this word has a selfishness hidden behind.

Long Live All The Parents In This World..You Are God…


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  1. Love you mom n dad. Thank you for giving me more than enough, thank you for fulfilling my stupid wishes. Thank you for listening me. Thanking you for nurturing and instilling so that in the future I can face this complex world..God is parent and parent is god..Love you and pray for your longevity….dedicated to you..


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