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Engineer vs Recession

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Recession But No Depression

Engineer and Recession were the most popular words of 2009 and they manage to maintain their popularity throughout 2010 and I don’t how long their popularity going to last. Be it a news channel, or a leading newspaper, or any other sources of communication , you were able to watch/read the hit discussion going on in between recession and engineer.  Never know who won, who lost, because when the recession was spreading its wings in the Indian IT market, one of the biggest firm came as a savior and offered me job which I straightaway accepted without even thinking twice-what will be my role, what will be my designation, how much they will pay in my pocket?

I can’t be so selfish not to mention the result of battle between engineer vs recession, being a so called an engineer. Tagging yourself an engineer has been a cakewalk in the market these days, no hard feelings but it is the bitter truth which me and my other colleagues equally know, that we are engineer not because we have engineered those skillful acts, we are engineer because we have paid annual fees and tied up with some state university.

Not to blame anyone, neither the college authority, nor college infrastructure, nor the placement department because in the end its you and only you, you have to excel yourself, you have to master your skills, you have to engineer what you have learnt and prove yourself among the crowd of thousand of engineers, be the front-runner.

Few questions always surround my brain, which I have very less in stock, why do our colleague from IITs and NIITs grab the job so easily when half population of engineer are facing the heat of recession? Are they competitive enough or are those colleges equipped with better infrastructure or do their placement agencies know beforehand what the companies like IBM, Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc want from the budding techie people? These questions have a mixed answers. Some say it is the environment and the teaching method, some believe it is the placement agency of these colleges that invites good number of companies, some say it is effort put by engineers of these colleges. To be honest I never put any effort when I was in my graduation, not even for single year, now I wish I could go back to my engineering era and channelized my brain in the right direction.

Sorry again I am lost again, we were in the debate of engineer vs recession, who was the winner and who fall into the basket of not-being-winner. I am sure every one will voice an engineer, as not-being-winner. I have seen the brutality of recession, being ill-treated by the security of tech park, surviving whole day in one time meal, editing your resume so that it might fit the criteria of some other companies, sending hundreds of emails to the HR with a hope that one day they will revert but that one day never came. May be god has some other cookies stored on my fortune. Because of that cookies from Almighty, today I am the luckiest from those hundred of engineers who are still facing the heat of recession and doing all what I used to.

But there are many things that we still can do and overcome the mountain of recession standing tall in-front of every engineer’s highway.

Keep an eye on this topic, to know what are those things?..To be continued…


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  1. So many questions, so many owners to blame, do you think blaming will bring out the solution? Rather than that, try to think in different direction. May be our experiences will help each other.


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