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Every-time I cross by temple, church, mosque or any shrine place, I bow down my head to say “God, please protect me”. Very rarely it happened, wherein I wished for my parents. In few cases, I folded my hands in-front of divine power and pray for the longevity of my parents. I always wanted for myself, for a handsome package in the next company, for super-duper appraisal in my job, for the best job offer in the market, for best lady who will stand next to me. Every praying revolved around me and only me.

Every time I forgot it is my parents who brought me into this me-and-my-world,  every moment I was about to fall they were the one who were behind me watching like a savior and ensuring I am walking confidently in this junglee. They always tried their best so that I can have the best in my life, they always satisfied themselves with the worst, thinking that I will get the super best.

It was my mom who woke up at the middle of night just to check if I am having a tight sleep, it was my dad who woke me up on time so that I do not miss my first lecture, it was him who make sure my wallet has enough money so that I can spend it with an attitude my-dad-is-an-ATM.


God is Parent, Parent is God

Numerous times, without any hopes of return they continuously kept on showering the love, the care, the protect, the knowledge. Every time I failed an exam, they say no matter better try next time. Every time I bang my bike, they repaired it and advised to slow down an accelerator. Every time I came home late, they say it would be nice if we all could have dinner together.


I don’t know, whether god exists in this world or not and don’t want to debate. It took me 2 decades to realize that god exists, and that too at my home only.It’s just I keep on ignoring their presence, because we all are so surrounded by our own longings and wish-list that we always bow down our head in-front of those stone idols but we hardly prefer to do the same in-front of our living idols-our parents.

Now, every time I knee down, I do remember my parents and millions of other gods who according to our mythology existed once upon a time in this selfish world.

But I am still wondering, why shall we have to stereotype God as a mother and father, why can’t it be simple Godparents in a single word? After all god is the one who keeps on showering the rain of love, wealth and protection to the needy people.I guess may be the one who invented this word has a selfishness hidden behind.

Long Live All The Parents In This World..You Are God…


Listen Before You Die-Bands

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Tomorrow Never Comes

No hard feelings, no partiality, no extra edge. This is my personal attempt to sort out some of the bands that you must and must listen before you wave the last good bye to the world.You put across your list, you voice out your thoughts. Your voices will be like a guiding star for this post. As we all know, music has no boundary, no sky, no creed. Music is holy pure, music is some thing that connects you to the sacred souls, music is some thing that builds the bridge, music is some thing that one cannot live with out.


Here goes my list of the bands you can’t afford to miss out.

  1. Beatles
  2. Guns N Roses
  3. Metallica
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. AC/DC
  6. Pink Floyd
  7. Bon Jovi
  8. Eagles
  9. Queen
  10. Coldplay

Listen Before You Die

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“Stairway to Heaven”, “Highway to Hell”, “With Arms Wide Open”, Hotel California”, “Sweet Child O Mine”, “One”.I am pretty sure you must be thinking what a masterpiece songs.These tracks are phenomenal on their own, carry their own identification and has been an anthem for the band who sang this song, beyond that when you hear it took you to the next level-the different height of nirvana.

I listen every song that comes in my way, be it Rock n Roll, be it Pop, be it Alternative Rock, be it Heavy Metal(take it easy this genre of music is injurious to ear, this might cause you partial deafness), be it Blues, be Reggae, be it Country. There are many more genre in the list, but I do not know on what basis people draw a line-of-border for the music. Music is holy music, how can it be a rock n roll, at the same time be an alternative rock, heavy metal, death metal, independent rock and so on. We human beings for the sake of our convenience categorize everything, be it music, be it creed, be it caste. We are the real pundit, the pundit who will name you according to your outlook.

If you play it loud enough to break your ear drum it is called-Heavy Metal

If you croon faster than what a listener can understand then it is called-Hip Hop

If you use electronic instrument then it is called-Trance/Electronica


The Love, The Peace, The Music

Music is Love, Music is Peace, Music is Air

Anyway whatever be the category, the outcome is music, I guess that matters most to me and other mammoth population who believe that music can change the perception, music can bring the winds of change, it has the power to spread the love and it is the carrier of peace.


I need your massive support to sort down the list. Your opinion matters, please voice out, I will ear it and take it as a sweet-note-of-yours. Under this post, I am working upon the artiste, bands, songs, riffs and many more things related to music. I will be posting the music that you must and must listen before you say adieu to this world, so tomorrow if you are in heaven or hell you should not regret about these transcendental songs.

Let the music play should be your mantra, I am full stopping this post with a note “Please Don’t Stop The Music”.

Rock n Roll, Love n Peace!!!!




Death of Entrepreneurship

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Dhirubhai Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. Must be wondering what are these czars in the field of power, social networking, computer, investment if I get it right doing in my blog? What is the one common thing in all of these honchos? Still thinking, if you would have paid little attention on the title of this blog, you would answer it in a second. The similarity in all these big leaders is ENTREPRENEUR-a zeal to change the world, an enthusiasm to fight against every odds that will appear in their way, a positive set of mind, a die-to-win attitude, an innovation thinking to travel across the path less traveled, a calm and patience human being inside ready to handle enough risk that will come across the way.

Let me Grow and be a free bird

We agree that not all are born with silver spoon, all are born with pea-sized brain which if they exercise in right direction and with above mentioned entities can bring the winds of change. But-is one of the most diplomatic conjunction widely used in English which change the entire picture of the statement that you are going to say or write or read. But don’t we agree with the truth that besides all that excellence factors mentioned above, there is one super most important thing that a budding entrepreneur need at the time of sailing a boat against the rising waves and strong wind? Must be wondering, what is that reason which I missed out in the list? Well to cut it short, and enough of creating curiosity and straining your brain cells, let me say what is the missing factor which I am emphasizing on? It is the positive support of  your family, your family who is the base of foundation of any thing which you start in your life.

Here arises the biggest question of millennium, well you don’t have “50-50” or “phone a friend” life line since we are not in KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati), the question is what is the reason that causes a death of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? I don’t want you to stress your brain on thinking what is that biggest cause, let it be relaxed so that you can use in some other cause, you know conservation of thinking energy, see that is the height of innovation I can reach up to, finding some useless jargon like conservation of thinking energy, because we have always heard about conservation of energy, to make it sound innovative and some thing different I added thinking in between of and energy. What an idea, sirji?

The biggest cause that kills the entrepreneurship is your family. Must be thinking, am I scumbag who just mentioned earlier family is the pillar, yeah I mentioned that but this is the same family who stands like a Mount Everest on the highway which is less traveled. It is your own family who will compel you to drop an idea and continue with what he or she is doing now. It is your own sweet family who will taste bitter. It is your own family who will  demotivate, discourage, fear and in one word torture you so that you will finally say ” I give up” and raise your hands off from the thing that would have given you immense pleasure, satisfaction to the core and lately made you the one growing entrepreneur. I believe we all have that entrepreneurship hidden inside, it’s just we do not let them come out in the fear that your family won’t/can’t support. Every-time it is not you who kills entrepreneurship inside you, it is your family, the society you exist upon and the surrounding you breathe in. All said and done, I am not anti-family person or I am against my family or your family, it is some thing my experience I am sharing here.

How many entrepreneurs get that opportunity to explore the less explored path, how many have that courage to bear the risk of losing a business,  how many rising entrepreneurs are blessed enough to propel their brain in the right direction, how many of them get that moral support from your family when you are in the road paved with thorns? Counting your fingers, how many is your answer? My answer will be 10 out of 100. That is the rough number I can think of, please correct me if the figure is low than what I mentioned.

To make this story interesting, I am adding a small tale of how entrepreneur die in our country before birth? Recently I met one uncle of my friend, who as per my knowledge wants to stand in the league of entrepreneurs but was unable due to some reason. I exactly don’t know what others hurdles are bothering him or stopping him to race in the contest of entrepreneurship but some how I knew that his family is one who is pushing him back and advising him to be happy and let them be happy by staying at home-sweet-home. That uncle of mine friend had that charm and positive vibes in his face when he roughly explained to my friend about his plans which really impressed me a lot. Every time he spoke about his ventures, it gives him that pleasure which was self-explanatory by his face. He was full of ideas and he had gather enough information and his way of thinking was different from that of a average person who has given up hope of being a Mark Zuckerberg? Now don’t you dare ask me, who is this fellow whose name I have mentioned twice? Please spare me if you don’t know who this lad is?

I am not disclosing what entrepreneur uncle of mine friend was planning to do in upcoming days, because it is too confidential and it is not a very good idea to publish some one’s hard work for the sake of your name and fame, which is next skill of entrepreneurship I guess which most entrepreneurs do very clean handily, you won’t even notice when they will use your name and fame for their sake which is fair enough till the time you are contributing for your nation, your society and your family but at the same time entrepreneurs will never forget to mention thanks for using your name and fame and pay you back when the right time comes, oh my god I never thought that by the time I am done with this article I will be embedded with the entrepreneurship inside me. Okay enough I non-sensed about myself. With a hope that your family stands next to you if you are thinking of traveling highway to hell, with a positive note and my blessings to uncle of mine friend, I am ending this article in a very positive and popular note “JAI HO ENTREPRENEURSHIP“!!!!!!!!!

Engineer vs Recession

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Recession But No Depression

Engineer and Recession were the most popular words of 2009 and they manage to maintain their popularity throughout 2010 and I don’t how long their popularity going to last. Be it a news channel, or a leading newspaper, or any other sources of communication , you were able to watch/read the hit discussion going on in between recession and engineer.  Never know who won, who lost, because when the recession was spreading its wings in the Indian IT market, one of the biggest firm came as a savior and offered me job which I straightaway accepted without even thinking twice-what will be my role, what will be my designation, how much they will pay in my pocket?

I can’t be so selfish not to mention the result of battle between engineer vs recession, being a so called an engineer. Tagging yourself an engineer has been a cakewalk in the market these days, no hard feelings but it is the bitter truth which me and my other colleagues equally know, that we are engineer not because we have engineered those skillful acts, we are engineer because we have paid annual fees and tied up with some state university.

Not to blame anyone, neither the college authority, nor college infrastructure, nor the placement department because in the end its you and only you, you have to excel yourself, you have to master your skills, you have to engineer what you have learnt and prove yourself among the crowd of thousand of engineers, be the front-runner.

Few questions always surround my brain, which I have very less in stock, why do our colleague from IITs and NIITs grab the job so easily when half population of engineer are facing the heat of recession? Are they competitive enough or are those colleges equipped with better infrastructure or do their placement agencies know beforehand what the companies like IBM, Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc want from the budding techie people? These questions have a mixed answers. Some say it is the environment and the teaching method, some believe it is the placement agency of these colleges that invites good number of companies, some say it is effort put by engineers of these colleges. To be honest I never put any effort when I was in my graduation, not even for single year, now I wish I could go back to my engineering era and channelized my brain in the right direction.

Sorry again I am lost again, we were in the debate of engineer vs recession, who was the winner and who fall into the basket of not-being-winner. I am sure every one will voice an engineer, as not-being-winner. I have seen the brutality of recession, being ill-treated by the security of tech park, surviving whole day in one time meal, editing your resume so that it might fit the criteria of some other companies, sending hundreds of emails to the HR with a hope that one day they will revert but that one day never came. May be god has some other cookies stored on my fortune. Because of that cookies from Almighty, today I am the luckiest from those hundred of engineers who are still facing the heat of recession and doing all what I used to.

But there are many things that we still can do and overcome the mountain of recession standing tall in-front of every engineer’s highway.

Keep an eye on this topic, to know what are those things?..To be continued…

The Sock Washer Maid

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The Sock Washer Maid

It’s quarter to eight in my Q&Q watch, typical ting-tong sound of door bell falls in my ear, waking me and my room mate up from pleasant early morning sleep. With a I-don’t-want-to-wake-up-feeling, me or my flat mate opened the door with a grin in face to our maid.


After an annoying sound of ting-tong, it’s time to another irritating sound of tap water filling the bucket, that too in the wee hours when you are in dreamland dreaming about your princess.

She started her daily routine in a regular tone, filling the bucket, pouring Ariel/Surf Excel powders, stirring it to produce soap fizz, searching for our not-so-clean clothes from the laundry bags, dumping it inside the bucket.

Then she hold her magic broom stick, like Harry Potter doing it in celluloid, wipes the floor in couple of minutes, then start mopping the floor that too in another couple of minutes.

Never saw any maid, who is justifying her duty to the core for what is being paid. Every time we paid her, we feel we are under paying her, no hard feelings against her integrity, self respect, because in my entire life, I have encounter very few people who enjoy their work to the fullest. I guess that is the art of living.

She never complains against her work, I guess she understood it clearly its her job, that is what she is salaried.

She washes everything that comes her way if that thing is washable with out your permission. I don’t know how fair enough is to wash socks every day, but our maid is super hygienic and equally understands that your foot should be clean and non-sticky. Because she might feel that we have to cover a long journey ahead, so she prefer our foot to keep it clean, hygienic so that we can cover extra miles. She washes all the pair of socks available inside our shoes, that too daily, I know that is unfair for socks,since that shortens its life. But it is fair enough, because our feet will always remain shining and protected by detergent smelling socks.

Thanks to our Sock Washer Maid…With so many questions about who is she, what is her name, where does she come from, how she manage to be punctual every day despite of rain, sun or any other hurdles?

I would like to end this post with a honest wish for her and her family’s prosperity…I wish she could read my post on her and comment on it, may be in the next birth, that is what our mythology says.

Independence Rock-Be a Simple Man

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The cloud was clear, Sun was getting older for the day after warming up Mumbai, even in the month of December when you are not lucky enough to see the rays of hope from Sun, there was a music aura in the air nearby Andheri Fun Republic, Chitrakoot ground, I don’t know about the air in rest corner of the Mumbai, and I am not in mood to know as well since I do not work in Weather Department.

With a go-no-go decision, finally the D-Day had arrived for Independence Rock which was celebrating its 25th anniversary but that too in a sad note I must say. 25th years of music, its a big achievement but not that big if any such things are from South Asia. Individually it was an app-laudable job that Farhad Wadia-the organizer of this mega event had done 25 years back. My bunch of holy thanks goes to this big guy, I must say huge guy if you have seen him in real and to all rockstars who have been participating in this holy show and making the ball rolling and last but not the least all rock fans who are standing in a long queue in black gothic tees on a white sunny day, despite of several weather hurdles and knowing the fact that black is good absorbent of heat, to cheer up their local music idols.

I-Rock Being a Simple Man

5th December, 2010-with a lot of enthusiasms, high spirit like a true music patriot I too participated in a long queue of black tees wearing teenagers outside the Chitrakoot Ground, this place is in Mumbai itself, did you notice the Hinglish name of the place? You think of any English bands in the world, Metallica, Guns N Roses, LP, Led Zepplin, Lamb of God, and so on, all were present in the chest of these young guns.

Huge, monstrous JBL speakers were in get-set-go mood, halogens were ready to spark their lights, stage was decked up and welcoming all the independent music bands, Bhayanak Maut-upcoming name in the death metal genre were doing some practice session, there was music in the air-it was a helluva experience for a noob like me because never been luckiest enough to born in US or any European countries where concert like this is bread-and-butter thing. Being an Asian fellow, I do feel proudest on what I was going to experience today.

Finally the huge, tall guy in a typical red and color Ferrari tee gave the green signal, announcing Bhayanak Maut to be the start-up band for the day. Speakers were at its highest volume, amplifiers were in sync to carry the sound waves to another planet next to the Earth, headbangers were about to start with mos fade throwing devil horns in the air.

Music has no genre, no boundaries, it is we people who have categorized into various sub types for our convenience. Even though I was not a huge heavy metal fan, but it was a relieving and soothing experience in its own way. It was a complete stress buster and super duper Sunday doze for me and I believe for rest of the crowds who were circling their heads as if they had some devi’s attack as per Hindu mythology.

After Bhayank Maut, there comes Pralay-I personally didn’t like it, even though they tried their best-no hard feelings for their fans. Then came Scribe-the one band which I would like to follow up in the future, especially the vocalist was quite good in leading the young crowd. The best came when he dialogued few lines from Tridev-one of the blockbuster in Bollywood town. Then came Demonic Resurrection, don’t know what does that mean, but these guys are really good with their guitar, next band that I would like to keep an eye on. Then their came, Axe Tortion with the best guitarist in the town, I must say. Never heard of those guys but they were like Indian version of Jimi Hendrix or Slash-may be I am overrating them, but they really riff best with the strings.

Then there was another band which I don’t remember name, which were followed by Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa and Farhad Wadia. It was blissful and perfect ear therapy to listen Be a Simple Kind of Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The lyrics itself is such a meaningful and song is one of my fav track. Guys if you haven’t listen, go straight away and download it, buy it, borrow it but listen must.Few lines from the song “Simple Man”. Check it out:-

“Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold
All that you need is in your soul
And you can do this, oh baby, if you try
All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied”

Finally it was big day for the band, the band which has reunited after a hiatus. I have never heard the name of the band before which I really regret, but with a promise that I will update info about this band-very true, very aspiring, very different Indian Rock band-Indus Creed. Uday Benegal-the vocalist-he is a gem and croons really well, one of the front runner vocalist in the rock world.

Never imagined, I-the laziest creature in this world would stand for 6 hours one day, but I did. I did that for myself, I did that for the music that I always love to listen, I did that for the Independence Rock-with a hope that next year sponsors shed their wealth so that Farhad Wadia can organize the gig on time.

Biggest thanks to Farhan Wadia, Bigger thanks to all musicians who really played well and made me stand for those long hours and big thanks to the young crowd.

Cheers Independence Rock!!!! Long Live Independence Rock!!!!!!!! Love and Peace Independence Rock!!! Jai Ho Independence Rock!!!!!!!!!